Day: 1 May 2014

Topics and links – April 2014

Relevant information for the upcoming European elections.


Logo AskEP March 2014How can I vote in the upcoming European elections? What can the European Parliament do about the current summer-time arrangement? How does the Parliament protect animal welfare?

Answers to these questions or other citizens’ concerns can be found by consulting our selection of links below.

The following topics are based on questions and comments from citizens writing to the European Parliament.

European elections 2014

With the European elections just around the corner, citizens continue to turn to the EP with many different requests. Some citizens ask for practical information about the elections, others express their state of mind and preoccupations of what improvements the elections can bring.

European elections 2014The following links will guide you to the relevant information:

The 2014 European elections

Your Europe: Elections abroad

EPRS: 2014 European elections: national rules (11-03-2014)

Factsheet on the EP electoral procedures

Any questions on this issue or another EP-related concern? Please use our

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