Startups Are Hard In 100 Different Ways


[tc_contributor_byline slug=”Glen-Moriarty”]

The most important part of your startup is your brain. If your brain is not okay, then you are not okay and your startup will also not be okay.

As a founder, your brain’s most common state will be stressed out. Anxiety, worry and sleeplessness are expected. This is because you are trying to do something big with limited resources and time. You and your investors (if you’re fortunate enough to have them) both have extreme expectations for you: that you will create a world-changing company worth billions of dollars.


As a startup founder, you may feel like you don’t have the resources required to meet the expectation of building a revolutionary company (resources can be interpreted broadly as time, energy, talent, luck and money).

There will always be another milestone that is further out and harder to reach. Living in a chronic place of stress, however, is…

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